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Recharge organic tea and coffee premixes are packed and exported in supreme quality packaging to lock the aroma and freshness of the end product. As such, the packaging involves poly lining as well as aluminium but we use an additional layer of extrusion in our packaging along with nitrogen flush wo ensure the sanctity of our food products. This form of manufacturing may be exprensive but it's highly fruitful in the long run. For example, black cardamom seeds are grinded and used for getting the best out of our products. The oil in cardamom seeds is fragile to the outer temperature but the extrusion layer in packaging avoids contamination of the same. For further details, please visit contact us on
Our export quality tea and coffee premixes are exported with supreme quality packaging. The packets are made of outer lining of aluminium and poly. There's a scope of using extruion for extended shelf life and lock-in of aroma as well. For example, our use of black cardamom seeds involves a very slow aroma secretion into the premix. This is retained inside the packet by not allowing higher temperatures to release fumes outside the packaging material. Please visit for further details.
We are currently in the process of launching a range of cold milkshake premixes including banana milkshake premix, mango milkshake premix powder, ready to mix vanilla milkshake premixes, 3 in 1 strawberry milkshake premix and chocolate cold milk premix, zaffrani milk premix. These are all export oriented products which we intend to spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jeddah, Jordan, Kuwait, Ras al khaima, Oman, Qatar and the rest of Saudi Arabia. We're hold export orientation towards our fresh milk tea and coffee machine. The price of the same is less competitive than it's quality. These machines are optimum for dipensing green tea at the desired temperature of 82 degrees celsius. For further details, please visit the 'Contaqct Us' section of
In terms of quality and quantum of tea at international level, Indian tea is the most thriving export community. In terms of Indian Tea, there are several variants like Assam Tea, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Nilgiri etc. As Assam is considered good for it's karak tea, Darjeeling is considered as the best for it's strength, aroma and the maximum punch out of a single cup of tea. This is why we've recently launched our range of Al Karak Premixes of green tea, black tea, coffee and a lot more.
Indian is known for it's Robusta coffee beans exports all across the world but this doesn't mean we, as a country, do not produce Arabica coffee beans across the globe. These coffee bean can also be crushed down to filter coffee powder or grounded coffee powder in plain form or with addition to chicory. Chicory is generally preferred in the range of 10% to 20% of the overall final produce of filter coffee powder. Grounded coffee beans are avialble in superfine as well as coarse format. Generally, fine and superfine quality of filter coffee ends up producing a rather bitter aftertaste whereas, coarsely grounded coffee beans give a relatively mellow aftertaste.
Recharge Beverages and Al Karak have recently got together to launch a wide variety of orthodox teas for our esteemed partners. We, Synergy Imperia Beverages Pvt. Ltd., as the rightful owner of these brands have launched tea blends which have a nutty or a fruity flavour to enhance sensory appeal of our products. Our team is a loyal fan of Blueberries but the challenge with Blueberries is that they can't be grown in India unless the enviornmental conditions of the fruit are artificially stimulated and controlled. As such, we've tried our luck in terms of producing organic tea but the biggest challenge is that even if we don't use pesticides or insectisides on our organic range of black tea leaf and green tea leaf, tea leaves are bound to gain these chemicals through the pesticides and insecticides which deep down buried in the soil. As manure, we use cow dung to enhance the quality of our soil but the level of pesticides and insecticides available in the soil take years to wither off. For further details, please feel free to contact us on