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Our premium range of green tea premixes which we have exported as the best ones in GCC nations are Ayurvedic Green Tea Premix, Lemongrass Green Tea Premix, ready to mix zest of Orange green tea and Lemon Zest Green Premix. As such, a lot of consumers, in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait are unaware of the right temperature for making a good cup of green tea. We help in resolving this issue by providing strict guidelines to ensure that our end client is always making the most of their olfactory bulb which plays a primary role in the sense of smell ie. olfaction.
Recharge beverages is a brand which represents the word limiltless. It helps a person realise their true potential. In fact, most scholars believe, human beings, at large, do not know their true potential. This is where we, as a team and a brand kick in! The aroma of your favourite cuppa of tea and coffee can kick up your dopamine levels in the brain and be the turning point of a lowkey day, month, year or life for that matter. In our premium range of beverages, Al Karak tea helps one head towards infinity in terms of their exposure towards enlightenment. We look forward to matching our promise with enriched sense of taste in a store near you!
Iced tea premix is, primarily, consumed in the summer season because of it's effect of neutralising heat from the body. We manufacture and export, mango iced tea premix powder, peach iced tea premix powder, blueberry iced tea premix powder, orange iced tea premix powder and lemon iced tea premix powder. As lemon is the most common source vitamin c and tart, lemon iced tea premix is sold globally, especially in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This can also be hispensed in hot and cold tea and coffee maker machines which dispense it accurately as per the customised taste of our clients.
Understanding the art of coffee in its entirety is an age-old question we are still continuously exploring today. The journey into the world of coffee is an exciting and limitless adventure with room for us all to explore, connect and interact. We offer wide range of flavoured tea and coffee premix and We are india's leading manufacturer of tea and coffee vending machines. Coffee traces its biological heritage to a genius of plants known as coffee. Its fruit red or purple often referred to as a cherry.
Recharge organic tea and coffee premixes are packed and exported in supreme quality packaging to lock the aroma and freshness of the end product. As such, the packaging involves poly lining as well as aluminium but we use an additional layer of extrusion in our packaging along with nitrogen flush wo ensure the sanctity of our food products. This form of manufacturing may be exprensive but it's highly fruitful in the long run. For example, black cardamom seeds are grinded and used for getting the best out of our products. The oil in cardamom seeds is fragile to the outer temperature but the extrusion layer in packaging avoids contamination of the same. For further details, please visit contact us on
Al Karak Arabic organic tea and coffee premixes are not for everyone. They're meant only for that segment of the segment which places it's wellbeing and sensory enhancement over price of the product. This segment has nothing to do with the economics of food because they are aware that moksha can be attained only through relentless focus which is derived through input of balanced foods. To know more, please log on to
We are currently in the process of launching a range of cold milkshake premixes including banana milkshake premix, mango milkshake premix powder, ready to mix vanilla milkshake premixes, 3 in 1 strawberry milkshake premix and chocolate cold milk premix, zaffrani milk premix. These are all export oriented products which we intend to spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jeddah, Jordan, Kuwait, Ras al khaima, Oman, Qatar and the rest of Saudi Arabia. We're hold export orientation towards our fresh milk tea and coffee machine. The price of the same is less competitive than it's quality. These machines are optimum for dipensing green tea at the desired temperature of 82 degrees celsius. For further details, please visit the 'Contaqct Us' section of
Green tea leaf and premix are commonly consumed in India using boiled water because of our tradition of boiling black while preparing authentic ''desi doodh ki chai' , çhai me patti', or 'chai tea'. We must understand the properties of a green tea leaves to be able to understand that green tea must not be boiled in 100 degrees celsius water for several minutes. Instead, it's to be strained in about eighty degrees celsius water for 2-3 minutes. As such, people drink green tea for it's health benefits like skin glow and better digestion. These benefits are availed through antioxidants called Catechins, which are commonly found in cocoa powder and tea. These polyphenols are mostly thrown away by the body because it's not easy for the human body to absorb most of them into our blood. Therefore, it's highly advisable for us to add Vitamin C (Citric fruits like lemon and orange) or/and sugar in the green tea. The presence of either or both of these ingredients helps our body to absorb the polyphenols and thus, helps us attain our initial reform of absorbing the maximum benefits out of our cuppa of green tea. Moreover, green tea premix can be dispensed through fully automatic vending machines as well.
In terms of quality and quantum of tea at international level, Indian tea is the most thriving export community. In terms of Indian Tea, there are several variants like Assam Tea, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Nilgiri etc. As Assam is considered good for it's karak tea, Darjeeling is considered as the best for it's strength, aroma and the maximum punch out of a single cup of tea. This is why we've recently launched our range of Al Karak Premixes of green tea, black tea, coffee and a lot more.