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Recharge Beverages and Al Karak have recently got together to launch a wide variety of orthodox teas for our esteemed partners. We, Synergy Imperia Beverages Pvt. Ltd., as the rightful owner of these brands have launched tea blends which have a nutty or a fruity flavour to enhance sensory appeal of our products. Our team is a loyal fan of Blueberries but the challenge with Blueberries is that they can't be grown in India unless the enviornmental conditions of the fruit are artificially stimulated and controlled. As such, we've tried our luck in terms of producing organic tea but the biggest challenge is that even if we don't use pesticides or insectisides on our organic range of black tea leaf and green tea leaf, tea leaves are bound to gain these chemicals through the pesticides and insecticides which deep down buried in the soil. As manure, we use cow dung to enhance the quality of our soil but the level of pesticides and insecticides available in the soil take years to wither off. For further details, please feel free to contact us on