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Tea coffee vending machines or dispensers have traditionally been incorporated in the sub continental market with premix or ready to mix instant powder market. These are mixtures of milk powder, sugar, tea / coffee and their complimentary falvours like vanilla, chocolate, kesar / saffron, cardamom / elaichi, masala, ginger, tongkat ali, ginseng and so on. In the last few years, the scenario has changed with the onset of fresh milk based coffee beans crushing cappuccino vending machines. The market gap here is that India is a tea drinking nation which need tea on the go. At the same time, corporates require a fully automated machine in order to fulfill their Management Information System objective. This is where Recharge beverages comes in. We are the only manufacturers of fully automated tea and coffee decoction based vending machines in Maharashtra. Herein, the tea is prepared through the boiling of CTC tea and brewing of crushed coffee beans ie. filter coffee powder and not instant coffee powder.
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