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Green tea leaf and premix are commonly consumed in India using boiled water because of our tradition of boiling black while preparing authentic ''desi doodh ki chai' , çhai me patti', or 'chai tea'. We must understand the properties of a green tea leaves to be able to understand that green tea must not be boiled in 100 degrees celsius water for several minutes. Instead, it's to be strained in about eighty degrees celsius water for 2-3 minutes. As such, people drink green tea for it's health benefits like skin glow and better digestion. These benefits are availed through antioxidants called Catechins, which are commonly found in cocoa powder and tea. These polyphenols are mostly thrown away by the body because it's not easy for the human body to absorb most of them into our blood. Therefore, it's highly advisable for us to add Vitamin C (Citric fruits like lemon and orange) or/and sugar in the green tea. The presence of either or both of these ingredients helps our body to absorb the polyphenols and thus, helps us attain our initial reform of absorbing the maximum benefits out of our cuppa of green tea. Moreover, green tea premix can be dispensed through fully automatic vending machines as well.
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