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Synergy Imperia Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

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Instant tea premix exporter and coffee premix exporter and manufacturer India, Recharge Beverages is an arm of Synergy Group of Companies which has it's forte in cardamom tea premixes, masala tea premixes and coffee premix. Established in 2005, we are proud to introduce our self as ISO 22000:2005 and HALAL certified food processing unit of 'shots of happiness'. We mass export of the novelty ready-to-mix 3 in 1 instant powder beverages like Saffron Tea / Zafrani Karak Tea, Blueberry Iced Tea premix and powdered Nariyal Pani premix. Recharge Beverages is known for it's use of 100% natural food ingredients like Cardamom seeds, Ginger, Masala, Blueberry and Tomato powder. We cater to the on-premise F&B requirements, using state-of-the-art machines, like tea vending and coffee vending machines with branded premixes enabling people to sip their favourite beverages when outside the comfort of their homes. So whether you're at work, the mall, a multiplex, a college cafeteria, or simply waiting at the airport or a railway station, You can enjoy your favourite drink at the push of a button. For further details, please feel free to call us and get recharged today on!


Cardamom tea premix 3 in 1
Cardamom tea premix 3 in 1 INR  795 INR  610
-23.27 %
Jaljeera Masala Nimbu Paani Premix
Jaljeera Masala Nimbu Paani Premix USD  7 USD  6.55
-6.43 %
Coconut Water Nariyal Paani Extract
Coconut Water Nariyal Paani Extract USD  9 USD  8
-11.11 %
Zaffran Almond Kesar Badam Milk Premix
Zaffran Almond Kesar Badam Milk Premix INR  11 INR  10.5
-4.55 %
Whole Milk Powder
Whole Milk Powder USD  7.95 USD  7.4
-6.92 %
Strawberry Instant Milkshake Premix - 3 in 1
Strawberry Instant Milkshake Premix - 3 in 1 USD  10 USD  9
-10 %
Milkshake Premixes
Milkshake Premixes USD  9 USD  8.25
-8.33 %
Lemon Iced Tea Premix
Lemon Iced Tea Premix USD  7.5 USD  6.25
-16.67 %
Peach Iced Tea Premix
Peach Iced Tea Premix USD  7.25 USD  6.15
-15.17 %
Cappuccino Premix
Cappuccino Premix USD  8 USD  7
-12.5 %
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